Dr. Daniel Reichart

Heart Failure, Genomics and Consulting

Dr. Daniel Reichart studied Medicine from 2007-2014. During his doctoral thesis, he worked on functional genomics in the lab of Patrick Cramer at the Gene Center Munich (LMU M√ľnchen). Following medical school, he joined the University Heart Center in Hamburg to continue his medical training in cardiology. 

In 2018 and as a DFG research scholar, Dr. Reichart started working as a postdoctoral fellow in the lab of Prof. Christine and Prof. Jonathan Seidman at the Department of Genetics of the Harvard Medical School (Boston, MA, USA), where he is currently still working. 

Here, he focuses on genetically caused end-stage heart failure and its implication on the molecular heart structure at single cell level. His main work - an international collaboration to map the human heart at single cell level - was published in the Nature Journal in December 2020. Dr. Reichart will return to Munich in September 2021 joining the team of Prof. Massberg (Department of Cardiology/University Hospital, LMU).