PD Dr. Elisabeth Kemter

Production of donor pigs

Dr. Elisabeth Kemter studied Veterinary Medicine at the LMU Munich, Germany (1996-2001). She is employee in the Institute for Molecular Animal Breeding and Biotechnology, and the Center for Innovative Medical Models (CIMM), LMU Munich. In 2017, she obtained her Venia legendi in “Genetic and experimental pathology”. She is certified specialist in veterinary pathology and in laboratory animal science. She is specialized in gene editing, in characterization of translational animal models for nephrology and diabetes mellitus, and in improving donor pigs for xenotransplantation.

Dr. Kemter is principal investigator in the Transregional Collaborative Research Center “Biology of xenogeneic cell, tissue and organ transplantation – from bench to bedside” founded by the German Research Council.